Camille Watts is a photographer in Rochester, New York.

Camille Watts is a visual artist based out of New York. Through her work, she explores and exaggerates the stereotypes of femininity, as she visually aims to mock the patriarchal idea of a beauty standard. The saturated, surreal images are curated through a hyper feminized lens to allow the viewers to experience a world where a beauty norm does not exist. Growing up, she gradually developed great interests in fashion and makeup. She also found a love for the past through collecting antiques, obsessing over old movies, and 1950’s Americana. Heavily influenced by drag, makeup grew to become a large part of her creative repertoire, representative of a unique and electric form of self expression. Watts’s imagery is an invitation to her twisted dreamscape, an outlet for the endless thoughts in her mind that can only be depicted through her photographs.

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Instagram:  @camillewattsphoto

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